Bayview Service Sunday

by May 27, 2020

Dear Church,

Great news! This Sunday, May 31st, we will open back up for church services. I know people have been patiently waiting for a green light and it brings great joy to share this. Our desire is to minister to those who can come on Sunday while still complying with the guidelines we have received from the CDC for social distancing to protect those who are at a higher risk to the coronavirus. This means the services will function differently than our normal Sunday gatherings.

Social distancing guidelines will limit the congregation size and for that reason we will offer two different service times: 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Because our entire church community is larger than the maximum capacity allowed in one time slot, we will need to have our congregation divide themselves between the two services. We are asking that anyone whose last name starts with letters A to K attend the earlier 9:00 time, and letters L to Z attend the second 10:30 service.

In addition, we will require face masks and promote appropriate seating arrangements. When you arrive at the sanctuary, you will notice that every other row has been removed. Within each row, try and leave 2-3 chairs empty between families and other attendees. Our ushers will be available to help organize seating in a way that helps promote this social distancing.

Also, our nursery and kid’s ministry classes are not being offered yet. This means children will be in the main service. We will, however, have the nursery doors unlocked for those who may need a place to change diapers or nurse infants. Because we have a large number of children, the duration of the services will not exceed an hour. We will have worship, a short message, and a segment that is made just for the kids.

For our elderly and other at-risk individuals, please contact the church office for special accommodations. We will be live-streaming the service for anyone who feels they should not or cannot attend in person. Jessica will continue to produce an online kid’s service for families with younger children who don’t make the on- campus service.

Here is a summary of what to make note of:

  • 9:00 a.m. service for people whose last name begins with A-K
  • 10:30 a.m. service for people whose last name begins with L-Z
  • Wear masks
  • Keep hands clean – there will be hand sanitizer available
  • Follow usher’s instructions to sit in family groups 6 feet apart
  • No children’s ministry offered – kids will worship in service
  • Duration of service is shorter because the kids are integrated
  • Special accommodations available for elderly and at-risk people
  • The service will be live-streamed for those who can’t make it
  • No coffee service….so bring your own
  • Bathrooms will be open
  • No nursery service but nursery doors unlocked for diaper changing and breastfeeding

I know that some of these guidelines are cumbersome and definitely not what we are used to. Remember that they are temporary and that they serve a purpose to help protect the potential spread of the virus. One way we can show the love of Christ to our brothers and sisters is to consider our comforts not a thing to be grasped and endure these temporary measures. I hope you can attend and participate in fellowship and corporate worship.


Pastor Kevin