Children's Ministry

Each Sunday morning our children’s ministry present the gospel in the Gospel Project Theater (GPT) full of sound, energy, live action, and truth. After kids worship with their parents in the main service they move over to the Gospel Project Theater. Our audience is a mix of children from different backgrounds, ethnicities, primary languages, church upbringing, and educational experiences. The GPT cuts across different barriers to present the gospel in a way that touches kids who may learn in different ways than others. Our intent is not to merely entertain, but to capture attention and focus it on the truth of the gospel.

 In Greek times the word actor meant “a person who is capable of keeping one’s attention.” The GPT is structured to do this by blending together teaching, story-telling, puppets, short videos, music, interactive games and acting out stories with characters on a live stage. The goal is to tell the story of God’s plan for salvation as it unfolds from the beginning of the Bible and progresses through the entire Bible!

Please note that Kid’s Ministry runs during the second service at 10:30 AM. Check-ins is available at 10:15 AM. If you have any inquiries, please contact Jessica Jones-Madrid.

Volunteer Opportunities