Community Group Questions 01.03.21

by Jan 4, 2021

Sermon // The 2021 Commission

  1. How did the video of Oscar Schindler help you relate to evaluating our life and what is truly significant?

  2. Read Matt. 28:19-20. Discuss what views your group has in defining “How to make a disciple of Jesus.” Has anyone in your group clearly made a disciple?
    1. How might you be difficult to disciple?
    2. How has God approached you?
    3. Does God’s approach to you change how you would disciple another?


  1. Read the following passages and explain how they demonstrate disciple making:
    a. Luke 22:24-30
    b. John 18:9
    c. Matthew 16:13-18
    d. John 13:1-17
    e. Mark 8:33

In what ways might these verses be exemplified in your lives?

  1. How can your group better live out the 2021 commission of:
    a. Be One: A disciple maker
    b. Bring One: Into the gospel
    c. Build One: Invest in them