Community Group Questions 01.16.2022

by Jan 15, 2022

Sermon // “Managing What is Given” Luke 16:1-13

  1. Read Luke 16:1-13 and discuss the questions below:
    a.Why do you think the master commended the manager who had stolen from him (vs. 8)?
    b. What do you think Jesus means in verse 9 when he teaches them to make friends?
    c. What are the true riches Jesus is talking about in verse 11?
    d. How would you apply what Jesus is teaching in verses 12-13
    e. What is an example of two masters existing in a confrontation in a believer’s life?  How do you eliminate one?

  2. Read Matthew 25:21-23 and discuss the questions below:
    a. What is the correlation being made by Christ regarding what the master is doing in this parable?
    b. What happens to good stewards in the future—what is being taught by this example?
    c. What is being taught in verses 26-30?

  3. What does 2 Corinthians 5:10 tell us about God’s appraisal of our giving?
    a. Why is it important that each of us has to give an account?
    b. Why do you think wealth can push us away from God?
    c. Have you ever felt you were owned by your possessions rather than owning them?  How can we respond to this?
    d. How can we keep our mind set on eternal treasures, rather than temporal ones?