Community Group Questions 01.23.22

by Jan 19, 2022

Sermon // “Equipping” // Ephesians 4:11-16

  1. Ephesians 4:11-16 describes a process for equipping believers.
    A. Who does this equipping? What are they equipping people to do?
    B. How well equipped do you feel right now? Where do you feel strong in your
    faith? Weak?

    2. The lesson used Aquila and Priscilla’s engagement with Apollos in Acts 18:26 as an
    example of how equipping functioned in a powerful way.
    A. Read Luke 10:1-12. How is this an example of equipping?
    B. Now read Matthew 14:13-21. What does this passage teach you about Jesus
    as the one doing the equipping?

    3. Read Genesis 15:1-21. How does this relate to the lesson?

    4. Why do you believe Jesus focused his equipping efforts on only 12 people, and not
    on everyone who followed him?

    5. What sort of equipping do you believe would currently benefit Bayview Church