Community Group Questions 02.06.22

by Feb 6, 2022

Sermon // “Captive in Babylon” Daniel 1:1-7

  1. There were many warnings given to God’s people to repent through men like Micah, Isaiah and Jeremiah before the invasion of Babylon. Was there ever a time in your life when you also chose to ignore warnings to repent?
    a. What reasons to some people give for disregarding God’s call to repentance?
    b. What is your definition of repentance?
    c. How do the following verses help explain repentance:


  1. The book of Isaiah was written about 150 years before Daniel. Read Isaiah 39.  Does Hezekiah’s response in verse 8 to Isaiah’s prophecy surprise you?  How is his response similar to people in today’s culture?


  1. In our study of Daniel 1:1-7 Babylon has laid siege to and conquered God’s people. Look at the major points made in the study and discuss any similarities you think exist in today’s culture:
    a. VS. 1 – Besieged by an enemy
    b. VS. 2 – Loosing our religion
    c. VS. 3-4 – Taking hostage the youth
    d. VS. 5a – Obligate youth to Babylon
    e. VS. 5b – Educate youth by Babylon
    f. VS. 6 – Remake their identity into Babylonian


  1. How does the major theme of God’s universal sovereignty in Daniel’s book help Christians today?