Community Group Questions 02.13.22

by Feb 13, 2022

Sermon // “Adaptive to Babylon” Daniel 1:8-20

  1. Discuss why you think it is important to establish convictions before you face temptations.
    a. Read Daniel 1:8 and define what Daniel meant by using the word resolved.
    b. Can you explain Pastor Kevin’s illustration of Head/Heart/Hands used to explain resolve?
    c. Read Joshua 1:7-8. How would your life be different without the items it mentions?


  1. Can you recall what happened to any of the following people who chose to compromise rather than obey the word of the Lord: Adam (Gen. 3); Abraham (Gen. 12); Sara (Gen. 16); Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5).
    a. Why do you think they felt the need to compromise?
    b. How do these verses encourage us:
    i. Psalm 9:9
    ii. Psalm 46:1
    iii. Psalm 62:7
    iv. Psalm 94:22


  1. Read Daniel 1:10-12 and discuss the 3-part approach Daniel used when his boundaries were tested.
    a. Can you share areas you think boundaries are challenged for you today?
    b. How can you respond more like Daniel?


  1. Daniel was taken captive and inserted into a culture that was hostile to his convictions where personal freedom was lost.
    a. If you were born in any country that permits freedom take the time to thank God for that freedom. Pray for the increase of freedom for our country too.
    b. Do you think freedom is increasing or decreasing where you live today? Be specific.