Community Group Questions 02.20.22

by Feb 18, 2022

Sermon // “The Utility of Babylon” Daniel 2:1-30

  1. In Daniel 2 we see God use a pagan king as an instrument of prophecy. When in your life has it appeared that God might have used an unbeliever for discipline, correction, or instruction?


  1. Read Jeremiah’s prophecy to God’s people when they asked about living in Babylon as exiles in Jeremiah 29:5-7. Why do you think he was describing basic life?

    a. What can we learn from Daniel 2:12-23 regarding how we engage a secular culture?
    b. Whose fault was it that led to Daniel facing death? Have you ever faced consequences not of your own making?
    c. What example does Daniel give us to follow?


  1. What kind of influences do we see the result of Daniel interactions producing in 2:24-30?

    a. Do you have Daniel interactions in a pagan world?
    b. Why or why not?
    c. Daniel was given the gift of interpretation to utilize. What gift has God given you to use?


  1. How is God using Babylon for his purposes in the story? What usefulness do we see today in secular governments and institutions?  Do you think Jeremiah 29:5-7 applies?