Community Group Questions 03.27.22

by Mar 30, 2022

Sermon // “Watching Warning Signs” Daniel 5:1-12

  1. After reading Daniel 5:1-12, 22-23, what similarities do you see between Belshazzar and his grandfather, Nebuchadnezzar? What differences?


  1. God uses a supernatural sign to instruct Belshazzar. Why do you think He did this? 
    a. Why not simply judge him without the advance warning?
    b. Through what methods does God instruct you today?
    c. Are you paying attention to them? Explain.


  1. Explain the point in the sermon made that Daniel shares the fate of the city.
    a. How did Jeremiah’s instructions in Jer. 29:5-9 tie their earthly future to where to Babylon.
    b. How much does Matthew 5:13-16 shape the same earthly fate for us today? What is meant by the phrase good for nothing?


  1. How does Genesis 18:23-33 demonstrate a valued presence of God’s people in a culture?
    a. How do you judge Abraham’s response to God in this passage?
       i. What is Abraham afraid of?
       ii. What do you see in God?


  1. What are some warning signs that our culture is in danger of God’s judgment? Explain how the discussions above apply to us today?