Community Group Questions 04.03.22

by Apr 3, 2022

Sermon // “Ignoring Warning Signs” Daniel 5:13-30

  1. Discuss the following list and explain how each demonstrates a shift in the culture of Babylon—then go through the list again and explain how much truth each has for today’s culture:
    a. Conformity to dominant culture matters more than integrity.
    b. The pursuit of pleasure to numb ourselves from misplaced hopes and bankrupt values.
    d. Taking something of honor and profaning it.
    e. A growing movement in people that either defies God or forgets him. Increase in tribalism – the displacement of larger unified identities, such a national or familial groups, with subsets of people who share a common value as a primary identity
    f. Forgetting history
    g. Taking no joy in wickedness

  2. Belshazzar ignored warning signs, particularly the enemy army encamped outside his walls, having confidence misplaced.  What warning signs exist for us today that we should not be ignoring? 
    a. In what ways might God judge our culture?
    b. Where might confidence be misplaced today?

  3. Explain how you have seen Paul’s words in Galatians 1:10 apply to Daniel in this situation and throughout the book of Daniel.
  4. In our story of Daniel how many times/ways has God moved without Daniel being present? 
    a. Because Daniel was eventually called to help, what does that teach us for today?
    b. Is it possible to insert ourselves into problem solving when we haven’t been asked?  How could that be impatience with God?
    c. What should you be doing during the waiting period to prepare yourself for when the time comes that you are called to help?