Community Group Questions 06.12.22

by Jun 12, 2022

Sermon // “Ending Syncretism” Acts 19:11-20

1. Discus the groups understanding of what syncretism is.
a. What examples of this can your group identify that are specific to Guam?
b. Are there any specific to other island cultures?
c. How would you confront these from God’s word?
d. Are you able to explain how these cultural beliefs/values are ultimately self-defeating?

2. What was the good thing being pursued in Acts 19:11-20? Is there are good thing being pursued in the syncretistic views you identified above? How does the gospel complete the cultural value that you have confronted?

3. Read Revelation 7:9-10.
a. How do people often thing this represents what a true church should look like?
b. What about this passage do you think should be truly emphasized?
c. How can our church be more like this?