Community Group Questions 07.10.22

by Jul 17, 2022

Sermon // “Traditions” // Mark 7:1-23

  1. In our study of Mark 7 what is the origin of the traditions presented?
    a. What can be a positive reason for such traditions?
    b. What criticism does Jesus levy at the leaders?


  1. What do you think might be a modern day version of this story—answer below:
    a. What traditions exist today in the church that can have the same effect as in Mark 7?
    b. What kinds of leaders make these traditions today?
    c. How do they give a person a sense of being clean and not defiled?


  1. Read Mark 7:20-23 and answer the following:
    a. Pick one or more off the list and explain how it defiles, or makes an idol in us?
    b. How would you apply Colossians 3:16 to your choice(s) above?


  1. How might Romans 14 guide us on the subject of what traditions to hold people to?