Community Group Questions 08.14.22

by Aug 19, 2022

Sermon // “Split Screen History” Daniel 7:1-14

  1. Describe the Ancient of Days in Daniel 7:9-14? Can you identify the different attributes of God that are mentioned?

  2. Describe how the split screen example helped explain the transition from sections of verses to others? How many sections are there in Daniel 7:1-14 that focus on independent screens?
  3. In the application part of the sermon Pastor Kevin used an example of looking forward to a cruise to illustrate what? Have you ever done this?
    a. Does a specific part of Christ’s Kingdom give you hope?
    b. What do you most anticipate about life in Jesus’ kingdom on earth?
  4. Compare the dream’s interpretation of the statue in 2:31-45 to the dream in 7:2-8.
    a. What are the similarities and differences between them?
    b. How do earthly kingdoms and governments fall short of the future kingdom of Jesus Christ?
  5. Read Daniel 8:20-21 and discover the identity of the third “one world” kingdom. We know with certainty the identity of the first three beasts. Read Daniel 7:7-8 and discuss the nature of the 4th kingdom and how it is different from the first three.
    a. Discuss the possible identity of the 4th kingdom.
    b. How did Pastor Kevin’s “mountain” analogy explain that the true identity of the 4th kingdom is still in the future?