Community Group Questions 09.04.22

by Sep 7, 2022

Sermon // “War and Peace – Part 1” Daniel 8:1-14

  1. If you had to make geo-political and global economic predictions for the next ten years what might you say? What about 100-200 years from now?

  2. Can you name at least 7 prophetic revelations (future predictions) in Daniel 8:1-8 and 20-21 that came true in history?
  3. How does this make you feel about other future predictions in the Bible that haven’t yet come true? Can your group identify any?
  4. What were the insights pastor Kevin gave about the purpose of Daniel’s prophetic revelations?
    a. What similarities were there regarding Alexander the Great and Jesus?
    b. How is Alexander a foreshadowing of Christ?
    c. What was God doing during the reign of Alexander to prepare the spread of the gospel?
        i. What might this teach us about God working even in the midst of superpower nations in conflict?
        ii. How can this apply to us today?