Community Group Questions 09.11.22

by Sep 13, 2022

Sermon // “War and Peace – Part 2” Daniel 8:25

  1. Read Daniel 8:9-14 and recall what was taught in the sermon to answer the questions below:
    a. How did Antiochus (little horn) treat the Jewish people?
    b. What were some of the religious practices that he forbade the Jews from doing?
    c. What were religious practices he forced/required the Jews to do?
    d. How did he desecrate the Temple?

  2. What was the Maccabean revolt and how did it start?
    a. How would you describe the commitment of the Maccabees?
    b. Compare the Maccabees commitment to that of Daniel in chapter 6 and that of his three friends in chapter 3.
    c. In what ways do Christians today have to “fight” to maintain the purity of their faith against a world that tries to defile it?
    d. How are attacks on faith today more subtle than with Antiochus. Explain.
  3. Who are the three main people in chapter 8 that Daniel is telling the reader about?
    a. Who in the future do they typify and how?
    b. What does the destruction of Antiochus and the Antichrist teach us about the limits of evil in the world? Who has the final say?
    c. How can you relate to Daniel in 8:27?