Community Group Questions 09.18.22

by Sep 20, 2022

Sermon // “Prayer Warfare – Part 1” Daniel 9:1-19

  1. How do we know prayer was a regular, important part of Daniel’s life? (See Daniel 6:9-11)
    a. What in 9:1-2 motivated Daniel to pray?
    b. Read Jeremiah 25:11-12 and explain how this moved him.
    c. Have you ever been motivated to pray after spending time in God’s Word? If so, how would you describe the content of your prayer?
    d. What other actions did Daniel take?
    e. Have you ever taken any of these same actions—how did these impact your prayers?

  2. What was the will of God spoken by the prophet Jeremiah that Daniel got in line with? Discuss ways people today may pray out of line with God’s will.  How do you respond to this?


  1. Read Daniel 9:13 and Leviticus 26:40-42. What is the connection Daniel is making that they were not doing?
    a. How might 1 John 1:8-9 give us confidence to pray?
    b. Philippians 1:6?
    c. Matthew 7:9-11?
    d. Romans 8:28?
  1. Daniel’s prayer sought the glory of God—how does verse 19 demonstrate this? Do you think Christians today pray this way or are they more self-centered in their prayer life?  What can be done about this?