Community Group Questions 1.31.21

by Feb 2, 2021

Sermon // Divided Church

  1. Pastor Kevin stated in the sermon that the church has often in its history mirrored the values of culture and society. In what ways do you think this is true today, particularly in discussing political and cultural issues?
    a. What warning does Paul give in Galatians 5:13-15? How does it apply to the issues you identified above?
    b. What words in vs. 19-21 apply to how we talk to one another in interpersonal relationships particularly in debating issues?
    c. Read the marks of Christian maturity listed in 5:22-23. How do the definition of these fruits guide you for talking about politics and cultural issues?
  • Love – self-sacrificial regard for your neighbor and your enemy
  • Joy – a deep awareness of God’s goodness that continues with you even when things are difficult
  • Peace – not just the absence of conflict, but seeking harmony that stems from the peace you have with God
  • Patience – slow to anger, not blasting someone when they don’t meet your standards or disagree with you
  • Kindness – not only do you not blast them, but you extend them grace and good things
  • Goodness – a gracious disposition that looks for the best, willing to be generous in your opinions and words, time, possessions
  • Faithfulness – loyalty, not changing the rules when it suits you
  • Self-control – not thrown around by emotions which stops other fruits


  1. How can having too strong of a political opinion affect unity? Can it affect our witness and evangelism?  Has this been true of you?
    a. Unity: How do you think you have more in common with a Christian who votes the opposite of you than a non-Christian who votes the same?
    b. Evangelism: Read 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and explain how this can be true of you and politics.


  1. Can you identify all the ways that a Jew and a Gentile would not like each other? In our US and Guam society, what are the relationships that best resemble the Jew/Gentile enmity?
    a. How does Paul say God heals the Jew/Gentile hate in Ephesians 2:14-17?
    b. How do you think this applies to the hateful relationships today you identified?