Community Group Questions 10.03.21

by Oct 6, 2021

Sermon // “At the Gates of Destruction” Jude 5-8

  1. Read the passage for this week. What stands out to you regarding the illustrations Jude uses?


  1. Read Numbers 14:11-23. How would you describe the disposition of God towards his people?
    a. Have you ever held a similar disposition toward someone? What caused it?
    b. Can you recall all the ways God helped his people up to that point?
    c. Can you recall all the ways God has helped you in your faith journey?


  1. How do these passages encourage your faith walk:
    a. Hebrews 3:12-15
    b. Romans 8:28
    c. Hebrews 10:4-27


  1. What kind of false teaching do you think is infiltrating the church?
    a. How does Jude lead us in our response?