Community Group Questions 10.18.20

by Oct 19, 2020

Joy in God’s People

Philippians 2:19-30

1. When reading the text for this week what impresses you about the concern and connection of this early church?
a. How has the pandemic challenged you to stay connected?
b. When you are not connected to each other, how does this affect your concern for other church members?
c. How does Hebrews 10:24-25 influence this discussion?
d. Can you share how God’s people influence joy in your life in relation to hard times.

2. Timothy and Epaphroditus were good examples of people God used to help Paul. What specific reputation does each one have (21-22, 29-30)?
a. If Paul were writing about you to another church, what might be your reputation?
b. Go back and read 2:3-4 and explain how Timothy and Epaphroditus exemplify Paul’s commands.
c. Good reputations are built by selflessly caring for others. In what ways can you apply this living in Bayview’s community?

3. Look ahead to 3:17 and discuss how Paul’s instructions there apply?
a. Why do you think Paul pushes the church to look for spiritually mature believers as examples? Whose example do you think you’ve followed the most during this pandemic?
b. Is there someone in your life that you seek to imitate? Have you expressed your gratitude to them for being a positive influence?