Community Group Questions 10.24.21

by Oct 26, 2021

Sermon // “Christian Perseverance” Jude 17–23

1. Jude exhorted his readers to remember the predictions of the apostles in verse 17. Read through the following verses identify the apostolic warning and discuss if these are present in today’s culture.

2. How would you describe what cancel culture is?

  • What is it about the words of Christ in Matthew 24:9-12 that could be partially descriptive of cancel culture?
  • How is Jeremiah 18:18 similar to cancel culture? How do these verses teach us to respond to cancel culture:

3. Jude gave us three things to build our faith and persevere. How do these cross-references support Jude’s view?

4. Read Jude 22-23 and identify the three different kinds of people he is addressing and how to deal with them differently.

  • Do you know people in each category?
  • How might these verses help?