Community Group Questions 10.25.20

by Oct 25, 2020

Joy in Christ

Philippians 3:1-16

  1. Underline the seven assets in which Paul placed his confidence prior to knowing Christ (5-6). Which ones do you find most impressive?
    a. What kind of resume do you have?
    b. Read 3:7 and explain how Paul’s relationship with Jesus changed the way he views those prior assets.
    c. Does your resume compete with God for your identity?

  2. If Jesus Christ remained your only asset would that be enough for you? What do these passages say to us about this: Matt. 10:39, Matt. 6:31?
  3. Read 3:9-10 and discuss Paul’s desire to pursue Christ and know him more. What are your personal examples of this?
  4. Read Acts 9:3-6. What do you think Christ meant when he said to Paul, “It is hard for you to kick against the goads”?  Have you experienced this?
  5. Read 3:12-14. How would you describe ways to measure growing in Christlikeness as progress?
    a. What kinds of sins do you think are harder to move on from? How can the body of Christ help with this?
    b. Have you given thought for how you will “lean into” a plan to mature in Christ this year?