Community Group Questions 11.01.20

by Oct 30, 2020

Standing Firm in Joy

Philippians 3:12-4:9

  1. Read Philippians 3:17-21. Paul exhorts us to find the right people to imitate in life.  What sense do you get of Paul’s relationship he’s had with the “enemies of the cross” he describes?
    a. How does their conduct reflect opposition to Christ and the cross?
    b. What does it mean that “their god is their belly” and that “they glory in their shame? How do these portrayals relate to having their minds set on earthly things?
    c. How does this affect your ability to build relationships in church and find the right people to imitate?
    d. Do you imitate Christ in such a way that others might honor God by imitating you?

  2. Read 4:1-2. How might you serve God’s church by settling infighting in the community?
    a. Why is this hard to do? Have you ever done it?
    b. How can these verses help you in restoring peace: Proverbs 18:17, Matthew 18:15-20, Galatians 6:1-2.
    c. Is there a verse that you have used that you can share?
  3. Read 4:4-7. Discuss what kinds things are causing anxiety in God’s people today?  How can we know when legitimate concern crosses the line into sinful anxiety?
    a. Is it wrong for a Christian to take tranquilizers or sleeping pills to calm nervousness or anxiety? Is this any different than taking aspirin for a headache?
    b. What is the difference between using prayer as a technique and prayer as a whole way of life?
    c. Can God guide us in His will by withholding or granting peace?
  4. Read verse 8. Paul tells us to think about things that fit these adjectives.  How much are you “thinking” about the following things: Entertainment, politics, pandemic restrictions, family and work.
    c. How is your engagement on these topics fitting with the adjectives in verse 8?
    b. What kinds of things can you think about that do fit the adjectives? Can you use the phrase, “move on to better things” as a way to meditate on the right things?
    c. Lastly, read verse 9 and discuss someone who you can emulate by practicing how they’ve lived their life. How can this bring peace?