Community Group Questions 11.08.20

by Nov 6, 2020

Keep An Eye on the Highest Prize

Philippians 4:10-22

  1. The message Sunday focused us on keeping our eyes on the highest prize – joy in Christ. Read 4:10-13 and compare the different situations below with Paul’s and how his ability to be content can speak to ours.
    a. The legal situation of Paul.
    b. The living situation of Paul.
    c. The political situation of Paul.
    d. The health situation of Paul


  1. How is Philippians 4:13 often misused? What do you think its true application for believers should be?


  1. Read 4:21-22 and discuss how these verses describe a church that is a supportive fellowship.
    a. Who are “the brothers who are with me” in verse 21?
    b. Who are “those of Caesar’s household” in verse 22? (1:13)
    c. When you consider 2:25 with the verses above, how do these communicate a fellowship networking together for the gospel?
    d. In what ways is Bayview like this? How can we strengthen fellowship in this way?


  1. If you have time: What do you consider the most helpful truth learned from the Philippians study? How did these key verses minister to you or challenge you:
    a. 1:21?
    b. 2:3?
    c. 2:14?
    d. 4:6?