Community Group Questions 11.22.20

by Nov 22, 2020

Thankful for the Good Shepherd

Psalm 23


  1. How is Luke 17:11-19 a picture of Christians today?  What does it teach about us about thankfulness?


  2. Read Psalm 23:1 – What are the things giving you the most anxiety today?
    a. How does this one sentence  – The Lord is my shepherd – give us confidence, and cultivate a spirit of assured dependence on Him?
    b.Read John 10:1-5.  How do you fit into this passage?  How does your response relate to Psalm 23?
  3. Read Psalm 23:2-3.  What are the kinds of things people need their soul restored from?  How does God use these to minister to your soul: Word, Spirit, church community?
  4. How true do you think this statement is: “We dread the unknown far above anything that we can see…the unknown, with its mystery and uncertainty often fills the heart with anxiety, if not with gloom.”  How might it apply to today?  How does Psalm 23:4-5 address trusting God despite the unknown?
  5. How does 23:6 picture the benefit of living under the Good Shepherd?
    a. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
    b. Does your cup overflow?  Why/why not?