Community Group Questions 12.05.21

by Dec 3, 2021

Sermon // “A  Hope – Filled Announcement” Luke 1:26-38

  1. What unique Christmas traditions do you practice in your family?

  2. Pray & Read through Luke 1:26–38.

  3. How did the Holy Spirit challenge, shape, encourage, or convict you in this sermon passage?

  4. The gap between the Old Testament and New Testament period was about 400 years. There were 400 years of silence. Then God finally broke the silence through the Angel’s appearing to Mary (and Zechariah in the previous passage). How does this appearing instill hope?
    • Are there times in your life when you have been praying for something (or seeking guidance for a situation), but all you get is silence? How does God’s word direct you to think in these types of situations? And how can we minister to others who feel this way?

  5. What is your favorite Christmas movie? And what is the most memorable quote/scene from that movie?
  6. Luke 1:37 says, “. . . nothing will be impossible with God.” What “impossible” situations did Mary and Elizabeth face (in verses 34–36)?
    • Can you remember “impossible” situations in your life that God made possible?
    • What are some “impossible” situations you (and your Community Group) can be praying for?