Community Group Questions 12.19.21

by Dec 14, 2021

Sermon // “A Savior is Born” Luke 2:1-21

  1. The sermon highlighted instances where the secularized Christmas story we see in popular culture is not supported by Scripture. What are some examples? Find references in Luke 1-2 and Matthew 1-2 to support your responses.

  2. All four Gospels describe the arrest and execution of Jesus. What application point(s) from the sermon does this demonstrate? As a reminder, the points were:
    A. God uses history (it’s “His” story)
    B. God may appear in any form and at any time
    C. Reason for the season
    D. A Savior is born (Gospel is for all)
  3. Luke 2:10-11 shows God first revealing the Gospel to shepherds in the field. Read Luke 5:29-32 and Colossians 3:11. How do these passages relate to Luke 2:10-11?
  4. Compare and contrast Luke 2:6-7 with Revelation 19:11-16. Why do you think God gives us these two very different pictures?
  5. Shalom and Merry Christmas!