Community Group Questions 12.20.20

by Dec 20, 2020

Jesus: the Shepherd of Shalom

  1. Read Isaiah 9:6.
    A. Who is the “Prince of Peace?”
    B. Why does He bear that title?
  2. In Mark 12:28-31, Jesus distills the entire body of the law down to two simple commandments.
    A. How do these two commandments relate to the concept of internal and external shalom?
    B. Is there an order in which one must achieve these states? If so, how does Scripture reflect this order or sequence?
  3. Micah 4-5a (stop with the word “peace”), Isaiah 40:11, and Ezekiel 34:23 all invoke the metaphor of the shepherd.
    A. Why do you think God uses this image when revealing promises and prophecies?
    B. Read John 10:7-18. How are the Old Testament promises of a shepherd fulfilled in the New Testament?
  4. How does this interpretation of peace change your understanding of Paul’s exhortation in Philippians 4:4–7?
  5. Where are you lacking shalom in your life? What can you do about it?