Community Group Questions 2.21.21

by Feb 20, 2021

Sermon // “Prelude to Sex” Song of Songs 1:15-2:7

  1. Read SOS 1:6 and then 2:1 and compare/contrast the difference seen in Solomon’s bride. How have Solomon’s words through chapter one lifted her?
    a. What does this statement mean: “Your self-image is an accumulation of verdicts people have passed on you over the years.” Can you share any examples of this?


  1. How does SOS 1:16-17 begin to demonstrate a growing mutual identity?
    a. In what ways can individuality manifest itself that works against mutuality? (i.e. separate bank accounts)
    b. How do the following verses address individuality in marriage:
    Mark 10:8, 1 Corinthians 7:4, Philippians 2:1-2?


  1. How does SOS 2:6-7 teach us God’s view of sex?
    a. What did Pastor Kevin mean when saying sex is covenant cement?
    b. How does Proverbs 5:15-23 support the sanctity of marriage?
    c. How do these verses reflect on three aspects of intimacy: relational, emotional, and physical?
    d. What do verses 21-23 tell us to think about as we consider what life offers us?


  1. For the adults: True or False and Why? How might the given verse apply?
    a. Solomon created an atmosphere with thoughtfulness. 1:16-17
    b. Many couples spend time and money decorating kitchens and living rooms giving no thoughtfulness to creating romantic atmospheres in the bedroom. 1:16-17
    c. It is important for men to feel successful as lovers—if he feels like a failure it can spill over into other areas of the marriage. 2:3
    d. Men never think about sex, thus successful intimacy can often depend on thoughtful desires beforehand. 2:6
    e. Sexual love is only intended for one partner—the one God leads you to marry—and no one else. 2:7
    f. A Christian sexual ethic passed on to kids is often an attitude communicated by parents rather than actual information or rules regarding behavior. 2:7