Community Group Questions 3.28.21

by Mar 26, 2021

Sermon // “When the Honeymoon is Over” Song of Songs 5:2-8

  1. What do people in your discussion group think are the top things that cause arguments in a marriage?
    a. Read SOS 5:2-3. What clues are we given as to Solomon’s part he played in the ensuing fight?
    b. What excuses does Shulamite give? Do you think this is her version of saying, “not tonight” to Solomon?
    c. How does Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes 1:9 fit with your answers?
    d. What do verses 4, 6, and 8 tell us about the heart of Shulamite?


  1. Read Matthew 5:23-26 and answer the following.
    a. What is the setting general theme of this teaching of Jesus?
    b. On whom does Jesus place the responsibility for reconciliation? (23b)
    c. What does the person who knows they are the object of resentment do? (24)
    d. Why is reconciliation made a higher priority than worship?


  1. Who initiates reconciliation in Matthew 18:15-17?
    a. Why did Jesus put the responsibility on the one who has been hurt?
    b. If the one who has committed the hurtful act won’t reconcile then what steps are taken?


  1. How much stronger would marriages be if they both sought reconciliation quickly?
    a. What principle in Romans 12:17-21 does it appear Shulamite momentarily violated?
    b. What did Jesus do when he was hurt by others for no reason? (1 Peter 2:23)
    c. If a second party refuses to take part in an offense what does Proverbs 26:20 say can happen?