Community Group Questions 3.7.21

by Mar 6, 2021

Sermon // “Security is Maturity” Song of Songs 3:1-5


  1. What are some of the things that create insecurity in a relationship before marriage?  What are they types of things that create insecurity after you are married?


  2. Read SOS 3:2-3.  What are three ways that we see the Shulamite respond that we can learn from?  How would you apply these responses to the answers to question 1?

  3. Read Genesis 2:24-25.
    a. Why does vs. 24 begin with “therefore” (see preceding verses)?
    b. What is the implication of the man leaving his father and mother? Why isn’t the same said about the wife?
    c. What do you conclude about Adam and Eve’s relationship that they were “naked…and were not ashamed”?  What is the source of shame between a husband and wife?
    d. Is it possible in a post-Eden world for a husband and wife to stand before one another without shame?  How?
  4. How might these questions help during the courting phase of a relationship today?  For married couples – how are these true of your marriage today? a. How does this person respond when they are offended? 1 Peter 3:9
    b. Is this person financially responsible? Luke 16:11
    c. Is this person committed to God’s viewpoint on sex?
    d. Does he set a spiritual example? Mark 10:45
    e. Does he assume leadership in the relationship? 1 Timothy 3:4-5
    f. Does he honor you?  1 Peter 3:7
    g. Would she make a good mother to your children?
    h. Does she seem to respect you?  Eph. 5:33
    i. Is she willing to find her primary identity as your wife and the mother of your children and her secondary identity as a woman with a job or ministry?   1 Cor. 11:7