Community Group Questions 4.11.21

by Apr 11, 2021

Sermon // “Serving Up Oneness” Song of Songs 5:9-6:10

  1. Read SOS 5:9.  How is this verse essentially asking what is so special about him?
    a. How is this a temptation for Solomon’s wife?
    b. How do verses 10-16 demonstrate affirmation of Solomon?
    c. Do you think her negative attitude is gone, or is this a case of choosing to focus on the positive?

  2. Explain why this is True or False: Husbands need their wives to be their Cheerleader and Champion.

  3. Explain why this is True or False: Wives need from their husbands Time & Attention, as well as a Tenderness in conversation.

  4. Read 1 Peter 3:7 and discuss the following:
    a. What does it mean for a husband to live with his wife “with understanding?”
    b. What are some examples of a husband living with understanding?  
    c. What are some examples of a husband living without understanding?
    d. What can a wife do to aid her husband’s understanding of who she is?
    e. How is honor tied to understanding?
    f. What does Peter mean by “weaker vessel”?  Weaker than who or what?
    g. Is weakness the same in all women/wives?  How might two wives be weaker but in different ways?
    h. How does a man acknowledge his wife’s weakness while still acknowledging her for her strengths?

  5. What do you think of the point being made that spouses need to serve each other by giving to them something that they themselves don’t need?