Community Group Questions 6.13.21

by Jun 13, 2021

Sermon // “An Unexpected Encounter” John 4

  1. Read John 4:1–26. What did God speak to you about most specifically, most powerfully in this passage?
  2. Jesus says that genuine worshipers of God will worship him in “spirit” (See John 4:23–24). What does it mean that we should worship him in spirit?
  3. Mind-map (or, if you have time, diagram) a timeline of your conversion (signified with a cross at the center). Specifically, write out and focus on what God did for you before the cross (namely, your conversion) that helped you to come to faith and believe in him.
    • What are some ways that God worked out sovereignly in your life (before you became a believer)?
    • What were some sacrificial acts people took to share their faith with you?
    • Who were those people in your life that boldly spoke the truth of the gospel to you?
    • (Just like Jesus did in this story) Who are those in your life that you can live sacrificially toward and boldly speak gospel truth to?
  4. Meditating on John 4:23–24 again, what does it mean to worship God in “truth”?
    • What are some lies (falsehoods, false doctrines, spiritual blindnesses) that need to be addressed in your life (e.g., personally, in your family, and in your community).
    • What are some lies (or falsehoods) that keep you from trusting God? What things does your heart or flesh find satisfying, desirable, or pleasurable? And how are those things only temporary satisfactions?
    • What are some ways that will help you identify some of these falsehoods that keep you from truly worshipping God?