Community Group Questions 6.20.21

by Jun 18, 2021

Sermon // “A Glorious Encounter” Revelation 1

  1. Read Revelation 1:9–20. What did God speak to you about most specifically, most powerfully in this passage?

  2. What is your working definition of worship? Which bible verse(s) would you turn to explain your view on worship?

  3. In Revelation 1:9–16, we see a glorious depiction of Christ. What are passages in the Bible that remind you of the “Big-ness” of God?

  4. Read Revelation 1:17 and Isaiah 6:1–5. How did John and Isaiah respond to the presence of God? How does this inform our approaching God in worship?

  5. Even though John was a leader in the church and a Christian for over 70+ years, he still needed encouragement in Christ and his gospel (see Revelation 1:17–18). What are some ways you have found encouragement in Christ? Who can you tangibly encourage with the gospel this week? (Think of people both inside and outside your small group context. And keep one another accountable in whether (or not) you’ve taken the opportunity to encourage that brother or sister when you meet next).