Community Group Questions 7.4.21

by Jul 2, 2021

Sermon // “Peace in Times of Adversity”

  1. How do you define the sovereignty of God? Does it give you peace in your life and perspective? Why or why not?


  1. Can joy and grief co-exist in a Christian’s life? Which are you more prone to neglect or suppress?


  1. How can our reaction to adversity as Christians be a testimony or encouragement to others? Does anyone come to mind that has been an encouragement to you by the way they have faced adversity? If so how did they strengthen your faith?


  1. What are your two main sources of anxiety today and how do they manifest themselves in your emotions or attitudes? How attractive do you find the idea of knowing peace about those things


  1. Paul says that praying and meditating on what Christ has done for us is the cure for worry. How are you doing at applying these antidotes towards your anxiety?


  1. What is a prayer request that God answered in a completely different way than you expected?