Community Group Questions 8.01.21

by Aug 1, 2021

Sermon // “The Walk of Life” Colossians 2:4-10

  1. What is Paul’s advice to the Colossians in verses 6–7? Can you sum it up in your own words?


  1. Would you describe yourself as “overflowing with thankfulness”? What is preventing you? How can you develop your sense of gratitude in all things?


  1. What human philosophies and traditions do you think you and your church are particularly vulnerable to believing? Do you see anything going on in our culture today that can make its way into the church and create conflict? How do they tempt us into thinking that Jesus is not enough? 
How can Colossians 1:28-29 apply?


  1. How did the story of John Bunyan and Pilgrim’s Progress relate to the study this week? In what ways is your life like Pilgrim’s Progress?  How have the following things from Colossians help your walk succeed:
    • Decision to follow Christ – 2:6
    • Baptism – 2:12
    • Promises – 2:10, 14
    • Church community – 2:2
    • Teaching and warning – 1:28
    • Prayer – 1:9


Are you lacking in any of these?  How can you change that?