Community Group Questions 8.29.21

by Aug 29, 2021

Sermon // “Responding to Salvation” Colossians 3:12-17

  1. What are the three ingredients for a healthy Christian life (v 15, 16, 17)? How do you think you match up to these criteria? What about your church?


  1. Read through the virtues listed in the Colossian passage.
    a. Which of the virtues do you think are the most helpful for you?
    b. What has been a difficult conversation or interaction you’ve had that you can see these virtues apply to?
    c. What was the outcome? How could you have applied this text better?


  1. How do you think about singing? How does the insight in this passage—about singing being a big (if not major) part of the way we are taught and admonished—help you think differently about the music at your church?


  1. How is our Christian life like a metaphysical second chance comedy? Are you good at giving second chances to others?  How can we make that happen?