Community Group Questions 9.12.21

by Sep 10, 2021

Sermon // “Gospel Work is Teamwork” Colossians 4:2-18

  1. After reading the text for this week what principles of prayer can you pick out and use?
    a. Do you pray for gospel opportunities? Do you have friends that are not Christian?
    • If you don’t then how can you make the most of opportunities?
    • What do you think “watchfulness” means in verse 2? How can it be lived out in your prayer life?
    • Paul stresses the importance of prayer as necessary for ministry to be effective – take an account of the people in your small group asking what ministries they serve in and the proportion of their prayer life they devote to those ministries.


  1. After reading the text for this week what principles of ministry teamwork can you pick out and use?
    a. Which of Paul’s team members can you find in our church? Which are you more like?
    • Tychicus – faithful reputation and trusted enough to deputize for Timothy and Titus.
    • Onesimus – checkered past but sweet story of making things right and focused on serving now
    • Aristarchus – stood by Paul in hard times, loyal friend who made Paul’s ministry possible.
    • Jesus Justus – a man of immense character and reputation in ministry
    • Luke – particular skill set that aided Paul, academic proficiency that produced teaching content and records
    • Archippus – second generation contributor to Paul’s ministry and young minister-in-learning
    • Nympha – leveraged house and possession for church ministry
    • Epaphras – faithful and hard working pastor, prayer warrior
    • Mark – Failed in responsibility, reconciled and now vital to it
    • Demas – On the surface his presence accounts for faithfulness, but there is need to address temptations under that surface which threaten spiritual vitality
    • Paul – writer, teacher, church planter, leader

b. What do you think is key to making teamwork in ministry successful? What verses can support your answer?

3. How much of a role does/should reading books play in your growth as a Christian?