Community Group Questions 9.20.20

by Sep 17, 2020

The Discovery of Spiritual Gifts

  1. One of the principles given for discovering your motivational spiritual gift is to concentrate on others.
    A. How does this differ from taking a written Spiritual Gifts test?
    B. This is why participation in a Community Group is fundamental and absolutely necessary – it’s where you can “get beyond yourself” and practice focusing on the needs of others. What needs to change about the way you participate/interact with other members in your group for you to actively concentrate on them and their needs?

  2. God designed the gifts so that we would realize that we need each other.
    A. How easy is it for you to admit your needs to others in your Community Group (being willing to admit you have blind spots and to expose them to others)?
    B. How easy is it for you to receive help/input from others to meet your needs/minister to you?
  3. Christians are commanded to practice all seven motivations as Christian disciplines.
    A. At your current stage of growth in your spiritual journey, how difficult is it for you to practice all seven motivations as spiritual disciplines?
    B. Which spiritual disciplines do you need to work on and become better at practicing?