Community Group Questions 01.10.21

by Jan 9, 2021

Sermon // Creating a Culture of Giving // Exodus 35 & 36

  1. Growing up – in what ways did your family life shape your views of money?
    a. Did your parents teach anything about giving to God?
    b. How did leaders play a role in this story?  
        i. In Ex. 35:4?
        ii. In  Ex. 35:27?

  2. Read Genesis 43:32, 46:34 – How does this describe the attitude of the Egyptians towards the Hebrews?
    a. Where did the Egyptians assign the Hebrews to live, and what might have happened to God’s people eventually if they had lived among the Egyptians?
    b. What insight do we get from Psalm 105:38?
    c. What temptations could the Israelites face possessing the Egyptian wealth after living poor for so long?
    d. In Exodus 35:20-29 what do we see happen to the heart of the people?
    e. How do you see God working through all this?
    f. Egyptian gold, Israelite plunder – what does Psalm 24:1 say about this?

    Key Question – Have you experienced resentment for giving to God, or temptation to not give your heart to Him for giving?  How does this story speak to you?

  3. If the heavenly Father was intentional about creating a culture of giving then how can you as parents do this in your home (Prov. 22:6)?
  4. How does the culture of giving in your home live up to the following:
    a. Proverbs 22:7, Romans 13:8, 1 Cor. 7:23
    b. Psalms 37:21, Proverbs 3:27-28
    c. Acts 20:35
    d. Colossians 3:23-24, Prov. 21:5