History & Affiliations

Bayview Church was founded in the 1950’s as Bayview Baptist Church by CBFMS (Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society) missionaries Norm and Joyce Wethers. Pastor Norm and Joyce originally came to Guam to minister to the many military personnel stationed in Guam after World War II. Starting out as a home-based ministry with Bible Studies, home cooked meals and Christian fellowship for the many single servicemen, Pastor Wether then realized there was much more need in the community. Soon the ministry grew to include a diverse congregation of US military, federal government employees as well as civilian families of business people and teachers who had made their way to Guam for service and opportunities since the end of the war.

Through the years Bayview has faced many challenges, trials, and typhoons. In its 50 year history, its facilities have been ravaged numerous times by typhoon winds and completely destroyed twice, once in 1962 and the last time in 2002.

Through it all, however, the Lord has been faithful and His people have persevered. In 2007 almost exactly 50 years after Bayview was founded we completed our all-new multi-million dollar typhoon-proof facilities. Bayview is now well positioned in the Guam community to be a “…city on a hill…” and we look forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do through His church in Guam in the years to come.


Bayview is an autonomous local church in affiliation with the Pacific Church Network. We are also partnered with other gospel believing churches on the island through the Guam Ministerial Association.