Ministry Update 10.9.20

by Oct 9, 2020

Dear Church,

Today I sent a letter to the governor.  I spent the better part of my week putting the letter together with the help of our elders, and also building a coalition of other pastors/churches on the island who would sign it and stand with me.  This last round of restrictions was hard on churches and created a breaking point for many pastors—especially the prohibition on singing.  I wanted to tell our church that 25 evangelical churches have signed this letter and we hope to influence the governor into rescinding some of the restrictions—particularly the 25% capacity limit and the prohibition on singing.  Our elders felt that churches are capable of using many of the other options available to protect our congregations from the virus and still have greater freedom to practice our faith.  I was proud to see God’s church in a larger capacity unify around a shared concern.  I’m writing this to inform all of you, but also ask you to pray for our governor and for God to use the letter to make a difference.  Many of the other pastors are at this time informing their congregations and asking for prayer as well.  Let’s unite in prayer.  

I would like to also share that it has been blessing to interact with the many different pastors this week.  One of them stated that there is a greater unity of God’s church on this issue of freedom to worship than there was in unifying for the Franklin Graham event!  What an example of how we might see joy in these hard times when God works in ways that can surprise us.

While we pray, we will continue to meet this Sunday as we did this past Sunday with a 9 a.m. service, and then a live stream of the 10:30 a.m. service.   I hope to see you in church as we continue our study in Philippians.


Pastor Kevin