Prayers for the Church (August)

by Aug 26, 2020

Prayers from August

  • Robert Oshiro: Darryl update. He is off the artificial O2 support. Full COVID-19 recovery. Praise the Lord! God is good. Thanks for your prayers.
  • Jane Jones: Please pray for Nate Phillips as he is deployed for 6 months. Pray for his wife Maggie Phillips and their children. Isaac, Ryan, and Paisley, as they live without their dad during this time.
  • Norlin Howard: Pray for a smooth transition. We head out next month. We still haven’t found a place yet, and school for our children. And for me to find a church (in Newport, Rhode Island)
  • Tina Aguilar: Prayer for Angel Lea Aguilar as she begins her new journey to Texas ( for school) prayers for safety and protection during her travels and for God to be with her and guide her. Would like to connect her with a church in the Dallas area near Southlake Texas.
  • Lynn Aguon: Good morning, appreciate your prayers for Bob’s outpatient surgery today for the cyst in his neck. Thank you!
  • Rachel Hennegan: Please pray for my dad, Steve Brown, as he is in congestive heart failure.
  • Robert Oshiro: Just found out today that my youngest brother (48) with high morbidity was diagnosed with the Wuhan COVID-19 Virus. He also diagnosed with pneumonia and has been isolated. His wife and 2 daughters get tested tomorrow. They reside in Southern Cal His name is Darryl. He is on the right. Wife Remy. Girls Samara and Hannah. All saved by grace with their hope in Christ.
  • Vincent Robbiano: Today we are receiving our first foster child. He is a 2 month old boy, we are excited and nervous about having a baby again.
  • Remy Taitague: Please pray for a negative result for my hyperthyroidism biopsy. Also for wisdom in studying and learning God’s words and to not lean on my own understanding.
  • Stephen Wolborsky: Pray for an elderly congregant who is not feeling well. She is having issues with her eyesight and her physical strenght and her daughter is having to spend more time caring for her.